My Self Righteous Gene

For those of you who are starting to follow this blog but don’t know me personally, I feel it’s important to fess up to my primary personal flaw, before you read something here that I accidentally let slip by in the editing process, or in the event that I carelessly slip into ranting mode (I promise, I’m trying really, really hard not to do that.) … Continue reading My Self Righteous Gene

The Women’s March on Washington

  I worked as a ballot clerk on Election Day in November of 2016.  It was a wonderful experience and I finally got to see first hand how the voting process works, how the integrity of it is carefully protected at the local level, and how people of different political views come together to make sure everything is fair and runs smoothly.  I’m lucky to … Continue reading The Women’s March on Washington

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

First, a word about the photographs here.  I obviously don’t own anything photographed at the museum.  They are included here simply as a way for me to share my impressions of my visit to the museum. I was happy to hear they allowed non-flash photography, because I like to include photos in my blogs.  Also, I normally leave my photo editing to a minimum, but the photos … Continue reading Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Cities and Their Monuments

London, England The idea for this blog (the whole blog, not just this post) started back in 2010, when I was visiting St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, an exquisite space of famous architecture and history. Below the main area, there is an underground crypt filled with monuments and statues. I was standing in that crypt the moment it occurred to me that I wasn’t seeing … Continue reading Cities and Their Monuments

Smithsonian NMAAHC

This was my first visit to the new Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, and let me just say from the very beginning that I will be going back . It’s phenomenal.  The museum opened September 24, 2016, and almost immediately became a daily sell out.   I lucked out and arrived early on a cold, rainy December morning just in time to … Continue reading Smithsonian NMAAHC

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is one of my favorite historical properties in the United States.  You almost can’t help but feel sheer pride in the visionary greatness of George Washington, and I think that is in large part a credit to those who are charged with maintaining and presenting the property to visitors.  With it’s striking placement on the bluffs overlooking the Potomac River, and the imposing presentation … Continue reading Mount Vernon

Antietam National Battlefield & Cemetery

Even during the quiet of winter, the area around Sharpsburg, MD and the surrounding hills are strikingly beautiful.  For me, it was difficult to wrap my head around the history of the area because the serenity of the scenery, and the reality of the day memorialized here, starkly contrast one another.  One is incredibly peaceful, the other horrifically brutal. All in a Twelve Hour Battle … Continue reading Antietam National Battlefield & Cemetery